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Resource Reading on Rosie the Riveter Experiences in Maryland


The following list of readings include history during the war years and also articles on Rosies recalling their experiences. If in search of additional information, contact our participating organizations for a research appointment in their archives.'


Curriculum Resources:


In addition to including real Rosies at events, the following performers bring to life the Rosie experience for community events, schools, libraries, museums and groups looking to celebrate the spirit of America.


Thirst 'n' Howl Musical Productions

Thirst 'n' Howl Musical Productions offers a one hour story concert of original songs presenting the Rosie the Riveter experiences of worklife and homelife. Challenges of working outside of the home for the first time, rationing, housing, spies and riveting airplanes at the Glenn L. Martin Company in Middle River, MD  are featured in 1940's style songs as your audience assists the cast in setting the scene for the 1940's era program. This presentation which premiered in 1996 offers an opportunity for organizations to rally Rosies in their communities and honor them with an evening of bringing their history to life while paying tribute to them for their contributions and accomplishments during the war years.  The YouTube Channel for Thirst 'n' Howl Musical Productions offers 3 previews of the presentation.  Contact:


Mary Ann Jung

Learn the fascinating story of Rosie the Riveter through Mary Ann's portrayal of Rose Leigh Monroe who worked at the largest factory in the world-Willow Run in Michigan. Join in the fun as you meet or maybe even play Charles Lindbergh, Walter Pidgeon, and Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, all of whom toured Willow Run. Discover who was the real Rosie the Riveter as well as which came first-the Rosie posters, song, or the real women who sacrificed and worked in factories to help America win the war.   Mary Ann's website  offers a preview of her performance.  Contact:



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